Labor of Love

When you cook the food that you love with the people you love, you are where nourishment meets happiness

Clean and Responsible

Local sourcing, seasonal menus, and products with integrity are how we make food clean, responsible and delicious!

Seasonal Style Cuisine

Ingredients may change from week to week but it will always be delicious!

A Fond Farewell

It’s with a heavy heart we announce that The Roasted Shallot Food Truck will no longer be serving on the streets of Phoenix. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on building a family and using our experience to help new food truckers in the area. To do this we have started ‘A to Z Food Truck Consultant’s’ with the goal of assisting new trucks in successfully launching their business. We’ve had a blast these past 2 years and are eagerly looking forward to the future! It has truly been a wonderful experience and we want to thank everyone who supported

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A New Chapter Begins

One month ago today, The Roasted Shallot Food Truck was literally the hottest truck in Phoenix!!  But thankfully the Phoenix Fire Department took care of that!!  We had a fire break out in the walls of the truck on Friday the 13th about 30 minutes before we were scheduled to go on live TV outside Channel 12 news in downtown Phoenix. Luckily no one was hurt and the fire department was able to put it out before it spread to any other structures. We were prepping for the food truck Friday spot on AZ Midday when we noticed the intersection

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Calling All Composters!

As part of our strategy for total utilization and maximum sustainability, we compost our organic kitchen scraps. We’ve gotten to the point where our pile can no longer support the amount of ‘green’ material we produce and we need help getting it into the hands of those who can use it in their own gardens. If you know of anyone or any group that is composting on any size scale in need of some nutrient rich ‘greens’, please let us know! We’d love to get these scraps back into the ground rather than into a bag!

Certified Local Fall Festival

Kick off your fall season with the Local First “Certified Local” Fall Festival taking place on Saturday November 9th from 10am-4pm at 10 W Portland St. There will be 100+ local vendors onsite as well as live entertainment from local bands, a raffle, silent auction, a beer and wine garden and of course awesome gourmet food trucks! So take advantage of this opportunity to get out of the house, experience the great weather with friends and family and experience what your local community is up to!